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Dental Implants!

Whether missing just one or several teeth, dental implants can provide the rock-solid foundation you need to provide the aesthetic, stable, and high-quality support necessary to replace them; life-like single crowns and bridges are possible. If you are wearing a complete or partial denture, you can increase your chewing capacity and stability to nearly that of the natural teeth you’ve lost by adding implant support or stabilization. The process is customized to your needs.

Dental Implants represent the highest form of restorative dentistry at this time. Comprehensive diagnosis and planning of a patient’s restorative needs followed by plan that not only meets those needs, but leaves the patient better off than he or she was originally, is a true service to the patient.

Cutting edge knowledge of the processes involved in accomplishing this task and operative skill are essential to achieving the goals of treatment. Dr. Edward J. Mills is a pre-eminent master of the art and science of dental implantology. He is known world-wide for his research and skill in the field. Dr. Rundle has been fortunate to be invited by him to join his implant study group in Atlanta, Georgia. The group is made up of roughly thirty of the country’s best implant clinicians who meet quarterly to discuss the latest advances in implant dentistry and patient care. The group, under Dr. Mills, shares insights into regenerative techniques and restoration of physiologic form and function using a variety of grafting and implant materials.

We at ABG Dental want to bring that knowledge and those techniques to our patients here at home. Feel free to make an appointment for a consultation regarding how we can help you meet your needs in the best way possible for you.

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